English Breakfast Tea – A truly World-Class Blend

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English Breakfast Tea – perfect for sworn lovers of a healthy drink each day

Looking for a tea brand that comes with an excellent packaging that ensures that the flavour isn’t lost?

A brand made from the leading tea varieties to give an irresistibly tantalising aroma?

If so then try Dee our English Breakfast Tea.

Tea isn’t worth tasting if it isn’t English Breakfast Tea. That’s rightfully so because it is a healthy mix of three of the planet’s finest tea varieties – Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea. For those who know little about teas across the world, Assam and Ceylon are from the lush hills of India and Kenyan teas are incredible!  The original cup was made with black Keemun tea from Anhui province in China. Keemun is prized for its rich, slightly smoky flavour and perfectly ‘on point’ astringency combined with a balanced, very honeyed aroma.

Across many generations, plenty of different interpretations of this famous blend have been made. Our English Breakfast stays close to the classic and our blend is made from top quality black Keemun tea along with Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea.

The quintessential and “Official British Tea” for you

Experienced tea lovers know how delicious their cups of tea ought to be every morning, and no other brand matches the “Official British Tea” in dictating that. Since the 19th century, the rich, slightly smoky flavour with that unrivalled astringency has dominated many household and tea joints in the UK. It is, indeed, the queen’s favourite cup of tea, and you can join the troupe of you would like to.

Creamy, Malty and Astringent

Dee our English Breakfast Tea blend brings that robust and sweet, red-gold colour with an even tantalising flavour to your breakfast table, helping you stay alert all the day long. The red and honeyed aroma is, without a doubt, the best feature, and you can tell that Dee is far much different from the others.

What goes into your cup of tea?

English Breakfast tea is a combination of tea leaves from various parts of the world. It is a collection of the best ingredient-rich brands or what your body needs the most. Being the default style of tea in the UK and currently around the world, mixing it with milk and sugar is enough to rev up your senses. What’s even amazing is because it is suitable for any moment – not just in the morning.

Taste with no match

Yes! The flavour alone is fantastic, and when combined with milk, the feel gets to a wholly new and exciting level. Over the years, several people have had a chance to drink a cup of English Breakfast tea. Unsurprisingly, all of them seem to agree on one thing – a malty flavour described by subtle hints of fruity and cocoa sweetness.

A truly world class blend packaged with a matching pack

It’s no secret that Dee our English Breakfast Tea blend is one of the best brands as it comprises four of the best tea varieties. With lots of healthy ingredients including l-theanine for relaxation, it’s baffling that the whole brand retails affordably. Just 3-5 minutes and your tea is ready!

Steep at 100°C for 3-5 minutes.



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