Earl Grey Tea – Our Exclusive Blend

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A Sip Of Moona’s Earl Grey Tea – Top-of-the-tier, Timeless Classic

Consider this: Cookie dough and Vanilla Ice Cream, peanut butter and chocolate, lime and tequila…they all go together. Nothing suits your afternoon than a sip of warm Earl Grey Tea, trust me!

When tea lovers talk about that intricate taste and aroma that linger long after finishing that second or third cup of tea, very few hardly forget to mention Earl Grey Tea. That’s right – a top-of-the-tier classic with aromatic bergamot is quite certainly the best known black tea of all time. It is a perfect embodiment of what a blend of premium Chinese black teas and southern Italian spices can make.

Are you a great premium tea-lover?

When Prime Minister Charles Grey, the Earl of Grey in 1831, tasted this tea, no one would have guessed that the same flavour will remain grounded to date. The sweet, floral, sour and bitter of bergamot met the malty black tea, creating a taste that’s palatable to sip. For those who know that touch of afternoon tea, Earl Grey Tea is a better match.

Light and refreshing taste served well

Our Earl Grey Tea isn’t your ordinary cup of tea. The irresistibly enjoyable cup is made from a symphony of different black tea leaves, mostly from China, and a subtle liquoring of spices from Italy. Our true to the original classic is a blend Keemun and Yunnan black teas and the characteristically scented natural bergamot fruit essential oils creating a refreshingly delicious citrus aroma.

Lots of surprising health benefits

With lots of antioxidants including Fluoride, your teeth will be safe and healthy for years. Again, a cup a day keep indigestion away! That’s just a tip of the iceberg because a sip any time of the day can be equated to perhaps fighting cancer, shedding those excess pounds and staying happy and stress-free.

Caffeine standard is just right

Pretty much like the premium teas, the caffeine levels are just perfect for and can’t create that addiction. The crystal clear golden drink with prized flavour is great with honey and just a spoonful per cup is right. There’s an even fuller, more appetising flavour for longer.

Buying and storage

As like all the familiar tea brands, buying and storing Earl Grey Tea well ensures that the freshness isn’t lost. You might love the straight black tea more than the green options due to the elongated shelf life, but all have similar, distinct feel. However, the bottom line here is; whether you are new in the world of premium, appetising teas or just a seasoned lover, Moona’s Earl Grey Tea is the real deal.

Use 1 teaspoon per tea cup. Use boiling water and allow 5 minutes steeping time. Great with honey. You may infuse it for a little longer for a  more robust fuller flavour.



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