Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea

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Enjoy the taste of unique and original Chinese Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea

Would you like to have a taste of the authentic Chinese tea that has been enjoyed for centuries, but still a great option today? A brand of tea that is meticulously processed to create an exquisite cup of sublime tea.

Introducing; a blend of the rare and exceptional aromatic Chinese green tea with the delicate fragrance of the bright jasmine petals. The golden yellow tea with a sweet flavour is a firm favourite for tea lovers across the globe, and you can grab a cup too, thanks to the affordable Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea from Moona.

What’s in the beautiful, golden-yellow tea?

The distinctively smooth and floral Chinese green tea is married with the green and white or oftentimes silvery Arabian jasmine buds to create what you will readily fall in love with. Unlike the typical brands, the resulting mix is far much intense in taste and an intoxicating aroma of freshness. You can make a cup with varying grades and strengths, but still get the best of what the Chinese have loved for years.

Perfect for your wellness

With the brand’s trademark light, smooth and unmistakable jasmine flavour, any tea lover knows that with the well-deserved popularity are a host of health-friendly benefits. And right to that, Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea provides countless nutritional elements that are wonderful for the proper working of the body.

Any cup you down means that you are taking a beverage with proven antioxidant properties. The catechins found in this drink inhibits the formation of “bad” cholesterol while some other nutrients help fight cancerous cells. If you are diabetic and can’t quite figure out the best kind of drink for your health, bank on this drink too.

Tasty Chinese tea any time of the day

Remember that Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea isn’t your regular green tea, and thus doesn’t come with that somewhat unpleasant bitter taste. Our careful and expert packaging method ensures that the flavour and freshness aren’t lost, you can prepare, and within five minutes, you will be enjoying a cup of Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea.

What do you have in mind?

Having some guests, perhaps a friendly get-together this afternoon? Looking to treat your spouse with a healthy, yet enjoyable drink before mealtime? Feeling cold and would like to stay warm without drinking the regular tea brands?

Whatever your requirements are, you have a worthy partner in Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea. Presented in a sealed environmentally- friendly pack, a teaspoonful is enough! Buy yours today.

Use 1 teaspoon per tea cup. Use boiling water and allow 5 minutes steeping time. Best enjoyed without milk.



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