Tips for Choosing the Right Brewing Method

So, you have bought a pack or two of our exquisite coffee blends – be it the light roast blends like Fia, medium roast blends such as Fiore or dark roast blends like Mae. Naturally, the next step would be brewing your cup or pot of coffee.

We will present to you top tips for choosing the right brewing method.

Pour Over

Pour over technique churns out coffee with a subtle texture that’s between tea-like and juicy. Why? Because conventional paper filters hold back non-dissolved coffee bits and oils (lipids) from your cup. The good news is that there’s a huge variety of drippers on today’s market. In principle, pour over method is ideal for those lazy mornings.

Tip: use medium grind size coffee blends, and you will get faster drip if you are in a hurry. It’s also an excellent method for people who are new to coffee brewing. For coffee aficionados, keep reading.


This technique encompasses the use of a percolator, a pot with a chamber close to a heat source at the bottom. It also has a series of tubing that connects its top to the chamber. Unlike a coffee machine, percolator requires a little manual work and is pretty cheap.

Tip: coffee in a percolator is boiled over and over again, leading to significant over-extraction of coffee flavour. As such, the coffee tend to be tarry and a little bitter with every brew. In order to avoid this, choose coffee beans or ground that’s smooth and low in acidity. Also allow the coffee to perk for at most three minutes.


Using a cafetière becomes easier each time you brew coffee. First, pre-warm the cafetière with hot water before brewing your coffee. Use the scoop that came with your cafetière or a dessert spoon to measure your ground coffee. One scoop per cup would be ideal unless you want your coffee to be a little more intense. Take your water off the boil and pour over the coffee. Let it stand for three to four minutes before stirring it with a wooden spoon. Pour and enjoy your coffee.

Turkish Coffee Brewing

For this technique, you’ll require a spoon, fine ground coffee powder, Turkish coffee pot, and sugar (if needed). The trick is to use a medium roast coffee blend. Why? Because Turkish coffee brewing technique enables your coffee to be roasted once again. Also, your ground powder must be fresh; otherwise your coffee will not form appropriately. So, make sure you order the perfect medium roast blend (such as Fiore) from Moona Coffee for the best results.