MAE Blend – Dark Roast
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Coffee: MAE Blend – Dark Roast

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The roast masters at Moona Coffee UK have done it again! With longstanding experience churning out a variety of coffees across the entire roast spectrum, they’ve certainly done a bang-up job with its dark roast blends. Well, there are dark roast coffee blends out there; then there is Moona’s Mae, an authentic handcrafted dark roast coffee blend. This signature dark roast blend has been turning heads among coffee fans and aficionados alike. And for good reason.

Why Mae Is Worth Your Top Cash?

Coffee from Trusted Roastmasters

If you are looking to get a bang for your top quid, then Mae is certainly a must-have in your kitchen cupboard. For starters, it’s a signature blend from a bespoke UK coffee house that has been at it for years. Moona’s in-house roastmasters have mastered the art of coffee bean selection, blending, roasting, and brewing, to become a household name in the industry. And Mae is their best work yet – like its namesake Maia, the Roman goddess of the spring growth; it brings together a plethora of scintillating flavours right from the bosom of nature.

Enjoy the Best Beans from the Best Places on Earth

Mae is unmistakably a designer blend that brings together Asian and Latin America beans. It encompasses the unique body of Sumatran and Indian coffees, yet preserves the subtle vanilla, floral and fruity notes of the South and Central American beans. Accented by aromatic woods notes and finishing with a raw sugar sweetness, this coffee will become a staple in the cupboard for those who appreciate complexity in a cup.

And that isn’t all. Mae also bolsters woodsy accents, dry spice notes, and cues of flowers and vanilla. If you have a good taste for a variety of dark roast coffee blends, expect the dry, bold spice to be accompanied by aromatic, heady wood and leather flavours. Also, vanilla, molasses and somewhat sweet dark chocolate notes won’t go unnoticed.

It Is for Everyone

We all have varying tastes for coffee. But, no matter what your preferred flavour is, Mae will certainly tickle your fancy. Whether you love aromatic dark roast beans, sweet vanilla and molasses tones, or rugged, earth cues; Mae is ideal for both dark and light roast drinkers. And the best part is that this premium blend is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Enjoy Mae Any Time of the Day

Whether you are looking for a cup of joe that will offer you that morning caffeine kick or just an afternoon pick-me-up, Mae blend is ideal for any time of the day.

Roastmaster's Notes:

  • Bold, aromatic dark roast
  • Sweet vanilla and molasses tones
  • Rugged, earthy finish
  • Ideal dark roast for light roast drinkers



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