Rooibos – South African Tea

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Enjoy A Cup Of The Authentic South African Tea – Rooibos

Over hundred years of evolution and the taste and smell is as original as it is tasty and tantalising. That is what a cup of authentic South African Tea does to your nostrils!

Tea lovers out there, enjoy a cup of Africa’s finest Tea – Rooibos, and understand why it is ranked among the most sought-after black tea alternative. Native to South Africa’s mountainous region of Cederberg, Rooibos gives a wholly new meaning to natural and caffeine-free beverages. A cup is even perfect for you if you are looking for a drink with soft citrus-like sweetness, a mild aroma, and little mineral content.

Red tea means an exhilarating taste

Right from the comfort of your couch, a mug of Rooibos tea is enough to elicit that pricey “espresso” feel. The taste and aroma are created from the unique process that constitutes oxidation to open the plant’s essential oils storage compartments. The resulting flavour and colour is nothing short of incredible!

Have you any idea of this one-of-a-kind caffeine-free drink yet?

Right from the vast tea estates in the foothills of South African Mountains, through the many expert processors’ hands and finally into packing, everything is made for you – ardent tea lover. Every serving brings that mild flavour, sweetness and aroma without any caffeine.

Far from that, you will be drinking a cup of tea whose calorie count is “checked,” and trust me; the naturally sweet taste is good for your body. One extra reason to buy Rooibos is because it’s rich in various essential minerals mostly sourced from fruits and vegetables.

It is a safe and healthy alternative to those expensive green teas and the obnoxious brands. If you are suffering from insomnia, restlessness, loss of appetite, indigestion or if you have inflammation, Rooibos is the ultimate answer.

Your perfect morning, afternoon and evening treat

Hot or iced, Rooibos teas – red tea, have a distinctive taste that isn’t easily found anywhere else. The ready to drink iced tea will indeed offer a cooling solution when you are feeling sweaty with the humid summer heat. For those who love kickstarting their days with a matching treat, there’s no better way than sipping a cup of this sweet, nutrient-rich beverage.

Lots of polyphenols with no caffeine and perfect for your health, what else do you need?

Would you like to find a substitute to the regular herbal teas or would love the glam and the adventure of drinking decaffeinated black tea alternative? try this healthy drink.

For an additional taste, add some milk and sugar and let the allure hit your nostrils, any time of the day!

Use 1 teaspoon per tea cup. Use boiling water and allow 5 minutes steeping time. Great with milk and honey.



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